How Facial Recognition, Social Credit Scores, and Tech Giants are Destroying Privacy and Freedom

Facial recognition, social credit score systems, and tech giants are using their surveillance states to reap data, remove privacy, and suppress critical thinking skills. Power rests in the hands of those who have access, control, and delivery over information. These multi-billion dollar industries are laying the ground work for a digital, algorithmic surveillance state with a propaganda-oriented reward system.

Understanding why Empathy and Self-Awareness are Essential to People Management Success

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Successful people management helps align qualified people to organizations and their overall strategies. These strategies translate into distinct and competitive advantages that cannot be easily imitated. People can be one source of competitive advantage, because they are valuable, rare, not easily imitated, and there are no good substitutes.¬†People are complex and oftentimes underestimate their capabilities. …

How Technology is Rewiring our Brains to Forego our Egos and Tap into our Collective Consciousness

With technology as our catalyst, we are being catapulted into the future. We hear terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data on a consistent basis. Whether you are a proponent or opponent of these technologies, one thing is for certain, they have already taken off and do not show any signs of slowing …